To begin the definition of this word that we have before us, we will proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a term that derives from Latin and is the result of the sum of several important components:
-The prefix "ad-" that can be translated as "forward."
-The verb "sidere", which is equivalent to "sit".
-The suffix "-ria", which is used to indicate "place" or "office".

It is known as advisory to the job and the office of a adviser , who is a person dedicated to provide recommendations, suggestions and advice in your area of ​​expertise . Companies of all categories hire advisory services to optimize their operation.

The financial advice For example, it consists of a collaboration so that the company or the person They can manage their financial resources successfully. The financial advisor recognizes the monetary needs, studies the forecasts of income and expenses, analyzes the fiscal situation and identifies investment possibilities, among other tasks.

The image consulting seeks to empower the advised through what projects abroad. Many personalities hire image consultants who give them advice on costumes, hairstyles, body postures, language, etc. The goal is to generate empathy between the individual and the public. Image consulting also applies to Business as part of marketing, communication and public relations strategies.

Other very popular advice are the tax advice and the environmental advice . In the first case, the advice is related to savings in the area of taxes while complying with tax obligations. The environmental advisors, for their part, advise how to act to minimize environmental impact and achieve proper waste management.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as labor advice. This is what it offers its customers a long list of services that have to do precisely with the workplace. Thus, for example, they handle aspects such as the following:
-To commit the ups and downs of the workers of the company that hires them.
-The elaboration of payroll.
-The drafting of contracts, extensions and even dismissal letters.
-The creation of the settlements.
-The preparation of personnel budgets.
-The application for pensions.

There are many companies and the self-employed who are in need of advice to be given advice, support, services, benefits ... To achieve the best result, it is important, therefore, that they choose the perfect and To do this they must do so taking into account the following aspects:
-They should opt for advice with experience and professionalism, which has good references.
-It is necessary to be informed of the services it provides so that it is clear that it is what they need.

The educational advice Finally, it is oriented to the study centers to improve the services of education and thus get students to train in better conditions.

It should be noted that the consultants usually start with a diagnostic work to know the current conditions. Then the specialist proceeds to suggest the Actions to drink